Show Me The Buffet (John Pinette)

Perhaps one of the lesser-known Halal buffets in Singapore, Straits Cafe at Rendezvous Hotel serves quite a decent selection for breaking fast. Although not as many as what you can get at similar joints, I simply like the fact that we didn’t we have to jostle around a crowded buffet area like the others. There were actually more non-Muslims in the restaurant when we were there.

Service was alright, though it wouldn’t hurt to have a staff permanently manning the satay counter rather than wait for them to run out and start making a fresh batch. As usual, the simple stuff delighted me like the bread and butter pudding.

Given a choice, I’d rather head to one of the many Ramadhan buffets in Johor but then … someone doesn’t have her passport and it’d be ridiculous to pay and get a permit from ICA just for the sake of a buffet. Anyway, the final bill worked out to around $25 per pax after taking into account UOB credit card’s 3 for 2 promotion. Reasonable and satisfying.

UPDATE 230908

Was brought to my attention by the-blogger-formerly-known-as-pinkyjumbo that Straits Cafe is not Halal-certified due to alcoholic beverages being listed in its ala carte menu. For the record, I didn’t see any liquor displayed in the restaurant nor did I break my fast gulping down vodka-laced Bandung. It seems the food was prepared inside one of Rendezvous Hotel’s Halal certified central kitchen, albeit not meant for Straits Cafe.

But still … shame on you Berita Harian for misleading the local Muslims by listing and recommending the place under Halal-certified places to break fast. Although I’m not entirely outraged, the strict Muslims would beg to differ. Your editor patronise Fish & Co. quite often issit? 😉

~ by blackcadillac73 on September 22, 2008.

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