Made In China (Juliana Hatfield)

I’m staying away from every ‘Made In China’ food products from now onwards.

For a country that sort of redeemed itself for past mistakes through the recently concluded Olympic Games, they sure know how to shoot themselves in the ass just as quickly with the tainted milk formula scandal. Inferior food products manufactured in China have never really hit close to home as the brands affected were not available locally or even heard of for that matter. Sanlu? Sounds like one of those cheap China-made cars invading our country. It would have caused greater havoc should brands like Similac or Dumex be implicated.

As much as it is heartbreaking to hear of the babies dying in China due to unscrupulous companies, complacency has led me to believe that the local authorities would have discovered any irregularities in imported food before being sold here. At least until I saw a list of items being taken off the shelves for the past few days. What the hell? Nobody in AVA even managed to discover melamine being used in these products for the past few decades?

Even worst when I saw White Rabbit Creamy Candy in the list. I love that candy and as far as I can recall, have eaten it so many times from the time I was a toddler till I reached my teens. And to think that I had wanted to purchase them for Ooyah a few times before yet always seem to forget by the time I reached home. Anyone who has eaten them would appreciate the sudden burst of creamy delight the moment the translucent edible wrapper around it dissolves in the mouth. Was melamine used for those wrappers?

Screw you China for ruining the memories of my favourite candy. One country that’s definitely last in my list of countries that I wish to visit.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Made In China (Juliana Hatfield)”

  1. I share your grief about the rabbit sweets bro. God knows how many I’ve swallowed throughout my ignorant childhood.
    Let’s hope mr peters throws a couple of jabs at the mainland during his show here. I’m sure it’ll help dilute the anger!

  2. Yeah, can’t wait for the man to share my sentiments.

  3. I was more concerned about the China-made M&Ms and other candies. Really not sure how much lead was injected into those colorful shells…!! Had a bag of those last year before I realized where they were made, then I swore never to eat China foodstuff anymore.

    Anyway, kalau dah dasar pengotor tu, tak akan berubah lah nampaknyer… from their pig disease to the bird flu to SARS and now this… what’s next.

  4. Hehehe … I like that last sentence. Really hit the nail on the head.

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