Street Racer (Aaron Schwartzbart)

With the whole nation getting all fired up about the Singapore Grand Prix, the unofficial Santa Fe Rally was held at Jurong West a couple of nights ago to take advantage of the new found enthusiasm. Sponsored by Tokbakneknah Incorporated, Ooyah Melunsur took the driver’s seat while the press snapped away as she posed and fiddled with the knobs and dials inside her latest battery-operated vehicle.

At around 8 pm, the practice rounds commenced as she prepared for the main race days ahead. There were mixed reviews pertaining to her performance after she finished. Some remarked that the driver got easily distracted every time she passed by a full height mirror located along the track; stopping often to admire how good both the car and her looked. A few parties also mentioned that the Santa Fe Rally needed to be revised to allow Ooyah Melunsur to blossom as the next racing superstar, that is to allow backward racing as the official method since she tends to speed like lightning in reverse. Going forward is not her forte it seems.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Street Racer (Aaron Schwartzbart)”

  1. hehe – looks like Ooyah is taking after her grandfather (Fada’s dad) in terms of driving fast?
    Lamri, since you never told me if you wanted the Seinfeld (it’s too late to order now) – all you’re getting is a packet of chocolates – any request?

  2. Errr … got anything exclusive to the Idaho region or not?

    Like sports stuff … not POTATO. 😛

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