Passport (Nana Mouskouri)

The result of not having to look at the expiration date on my passport for months due to someone losing hers and restricting our ‘travels’ within the confines of this little island. Thank God something made me bother to check it before I left for work this morning. Just 4 months left and if I didn’t submit an application for a new one by today, I would have run the risks of pissing both my employer and client for screwing up next week’s trip, since the plane tickets and hotel rooms have already been confirmed. Getting into this particular client’s bad books is the last thing I want since he’s such a humble and friendly guy. I sure hope his main contractor has prepared the kitchen area according to my requirements, otherwise it’ll be such a wasteful trip.

Anyway, I was told by the counter staff that I would only be able to get a new passport by Monday morning at the earliest. Not a good thing since my flight leaves the same day at 12pm, so I had to take a number and wait for my turn to enter the ‘interview room’ where I last saw Fadelinah exited a few months ago with a glum look on her face after having been banned for losing her passport the third time. I had an easier time because after the interviewer looked through my printed out flight details, she told me that she would allow my collecting the new passport earlier on Saturday morning. Phewww …

In the middle of our interview session, her colleague actually interrupted us for a while because some smart ass wanted to get his passport issue sorted out earlier since he had something urgent to attend to … that something urgent was him being late for his shopping trip with his friends. The staff made up mostly of Malay women sniggered among themselves at the audacious request but I think it actually did get approved. What the …???

Perhaps there is some truth to some people saying that any administrative issues with the government bodies get sorted out much leniently if attended by the opposite sex.

So it’ll be 4 days in Jakarta this time, though I seriously don’t know how much help I can be after the first few hours on site. The installer will probably be left to his own devices after every modules are confirmed in positions, whereas for me … chain smoking kreteks and patrolling the lanes of Old Batavia probably?


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Passport (Nana Mouskouri)”

  1. hehe – doesn’t sound like too bad a business trip to me!

  2. Hehehe … and let’s not forget the amount of true Indonesian food that I have to eat hourly there. Aiyahhh … soooooo not looking forward to this trip. πŸ˜›

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