Imbecile Heureuse (Arielle)

Information that came a little too late on both accounts. Mak telling me that my cousin, Diana, who had come by our place last week with her adopted family, had persuaded her to cook for her friends who will be coming by our apartment today. First of all, I don’t recall our place ever being a restaurant nor this particular cousin calling either Fadelinah or me to ask for permission. I decided to just let it go since Mak had already agreed to it. And just as I had suspected after the imbecile and her posse didn’t turn up by the time I arrived home at 7 pm this evening, she called Mak to say that they couldn’t come.

I saw the food in the kitchen that Mak had prepared and saw her facial expression changed after hearing the latest ‘update’. Perhaps she too had thought that she would be played out and had cooked only half of the items bought. I asked her what Diana said but she was adamant about it and merely replied that she had told her off and knowing my mum, that’s probably the last conversation ever between her and the ingrate. Whereas for me, I wasn’t about to let her off that easily. I called up the fucking bitch and said my piece. It was a short conversation that ended abruptly the moment she hung up, after my cursing her and for her whole family to never ever come to our place again. For what it’s worth, I never really liked them.

If you ever find this blog post Diana, let it be known that you would have not turned up the way you did if our family had been allowed to take you after your mother’s death 20 years ago. Your adopted family who promised to take care of you but instead pampered and allowed you too much freedom have ruined your life. The very family that I still have ill feelings towards for taking you away from us. So you come by our place every year with a new guy, who you claim to be interested in marrying you or who you’re already married to. Frankly, I’ve lost count and merely dismiss them as the latest clowns to entertain in your very own circus. What saddens me is when I look at your 2 offsprings and have no idea who they really belong to.

So like your two-bit liar uncle in Kuala Lumpur who our family severed ties with, you’ve joined the list. Perhaps many people have let you had your way before, but you’ve made one big mistake by messing with my family. Never will you set foot in our home again. I just hope your children get a better upbringing than what you were offered.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 12, 2008.

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