Fire In The Kitchen (The Chieftains)

It was during UKF’s Liebherr training session at Kitchen Culture last Thursday that I got a sneak preview and hands-on feel of Poggenpohl’s latest Porsche Design kitchen. Already knew of its impending production for months from the principal company’s own website, and its only a matter of days before it’ll be officially launched in Singapore.

Dubbed a masculine kitchen for the male species, it is minimalistic and would definitely appeal to those who love simple clean lines and maintenance-free set-ups (read: cannot cook and only wants to show off). As with most things German, there are constraints or rather rules the end-user has to abide in order to have one proudly displayed in the home. Not necessarily a bad thing since the intended design and company’s image is retained rather than let the planners ruin them by incorporating less than flattering features. For instance, only selected Miele’s top-of-the-line appliances are pre-set for use, which can be a pain for those who favour other brands or sizes. Proprietary 1 cm thick glass countertops are also incorporated so as to compliment the rampant 1 cm profile of the kitchen’s stainless steel shelves and edges; no traditional 4 cm thick countertops. Door panels seem limited to only 8 colours, though quite pleasing.

My major gripe would be the extra-sensitive handle less doors fronting the base units that pop out open whenever one stands too close to the countertop. Too much technology messing with the fundamentals of cooking I reckon. Another thing missing is an island or downdraft hood. Then again, I hardly think this particular kitchen design is meant for serious cooking.

Aesthetically, I love it although I’m quite sure the mothers and wives who monopolise the kitchen area would baulk at the design and proclaim it as useless, unless Nigella Lawson cooks in one.

~ by blackcadillac73 on October 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fire In The Kitchen (The Chieftains)”

  1. Hey The Lamri
    I’m coming over to your place tomorrow to “hang” and pig out on Fada’s delicious cooking 🙂
    I heard you’ll be working!!! How is that possible? Didn’t I hear you saying you would be feeling sick around 3pm and HAVE to take leave to come home? hehe

  2. Mrs Idaho can tell the future one horrr …

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