Idaho And Good Things (Bodeans)

We played host to some guests yesterday when Angelina, Bavani and Divya came by our place. Coincidentally, I was on 2 days MC so was able to be the unofficial babysitter for the 2 little munchkins. Ooyah as expected, didn’t warm up to them immediately once they walked through the door especially towards Divya, probably because it’s been a around a year since they’ve last met. However, after having received each others’ gifts and exploring Ooyah’s toddler pad, they hit it off quite well.

Truth be told, I was so amused by their actions that I took more than 500 pictures within those 5 hours, though quite a few turned out blurry simply because they were just too fast for me. I also learnt a thing or 2 about both toddlers’ characteristics. Ooyah albeit being a week older kept addressing Divya as Akak; only those apparently crawling on their knees are deemed suitable to be called Adik by her I guess. I was especially impressed by Divya’s ability to take her own shoes off by herself and her tendency to use tissues whenever she wanted to clear her nose. And trust her to do the split when I have yet to persuade Ooyah to do push-ups, like when I last saw Divya did the same a year ago.

Precious moments indeed when I saw the 2 literally hanging out at the balcony and gave each other a tight hug before Divya and her posse left. Here’s hoping that the relationship will grow as they age together, even though they’re thousands of miles apart.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 24, 2008.

7 Responses to “Idaho And Good Things (Bodeans)”

  1. Children are the most beautiful joy of this world .. I can not wait to become a father.
    The photos are beautiful, well done, I imagine you have so much fun!
    Greetings from an embrace.

  2. Thanks for your comment Fabio. I reckon you’re still single and should be looking forward to having your own children soon. 🙂

    Would have loved to leave a comment on your blog except I can’t really read Italian. The only things I recognised in yours were A.S. Roma and Radiohead. 😛

  3. you cane use the google translate,you can read everything of my blog and you can leave any comments 😉

  4. Thanks. Will do that. 🙂

  5. thank you for having responded 😉

  6. that pic with the tops of their heads and feet dangling from the balcony is my absolute favourite 🙂

  7. Very the cute horrr?

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