Bird Noises (Midnight Oil)

It was time for the birds last Deepavali holiday as we headed to Jurong Bird Park. I think it was my second time there, the last being a class excursion organised by my old Cantonment Primary School 25 years ago. The taxi fare barely passed $5 by the time we reached the entrance to the place; it was that near to our place.

Jurong Bird Park is small compared to Singapore Zoo, but we spent almost 6 hours there enjoying the bird shows within the compounds as well as the live displays; some even within touching distances. The smaller birds were alright but I wasn’t too keen on letting the ostriches and emus come too close to Ooyah knowing how they like to peck at things. I guess the bag of caramel corn she was holding grabbed their attention, hence them following her. Although advised against, we did feed them and chuck a few into their pens. Kesianlah …

We managed to catch the Birds of Prey and Birds n Buddies shows which were highly entertaining with various birds flying all over the amphitheatre and I was hoping none would poop while in flight above us. Something which I failed to avoid during our feeding of the lories session inside the amazing Lory Loft; one let go above me while I was busy feeding one of its friends. Such a strange warm feeling.

And what better way to round off the rather warm and humid outing than to run free and soak oneself at the Splash N Slide Station, at least for Ooyah. The adults could only sit at the surrounding benches and smile enviously.

Unlike the zoo, there’s hardly any eateries except for Bongo Burgers that serve mainly expensive fast food. Families would be better off bringing their own food and laze around at the picnic ground. Even better if it’s not a public holiday. Things to consider the next time we go there.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 29, 2008.

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