Joker In The Pack (The Adicts)

I was not exactly in the best of conditions to really enjoy his show but we still made it to the Rock Auditorium last night. It was Russell Peter’s second and final night in Singapore and after about half an hour from the stated time, his opening act, Angelo Tsarouchas, came on and literally brought the house down. Being the huge guy that he is, the fat jokes formed part of his routine and on hindsight, I too, think he was better than Russell Peters last night. At least the guy bothered to make references to Singapore’s landmarks and probably did some research on his own before coming on stage. Russell Peters, on the other hand, hardly made any jokes relevant to Singapore’s context and focused more on heckling a few individuals within the crowd near to the stage, especially Caucasians.

It actually grew tiresome when he focused too long on the American guy whose parents ‘do hotels’. It was funny when he singled out the French guy with his ‘loud’ shirt, the burly-looking ‘Buddha’ and the ‘British’ Indian, but to keep coming back to them was boring. Funny how I bought tickets to this guy’s show hoping to be knocked senseless by his jokes but came away only remembering Angelo Tsarouchas and the poor guy who Russell Peters stopped in his track while running to the gent’s.

Better materials and do your homework the next time you drop by Singapore, if not, I would rather just buy your DVDs rather than watch you live. And for goodness sake, it’s bad enough that the Rock Auditorium is the worst venue I’ve ever been to, but to have overly-protective security personnels and warnings against sound and video recording on repeat mode over the PA system really killed it.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 5, 2008.

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