Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen)

Just another one of those giving the truly pious hijab-donning women a bad name.

I thought I’ve seen it all, from the countless girls wearing tudungs with tight clothings to those who go alfresco down below while out with their boyfriends. And thanks to one fool who tried to rob the UOB bank at City Plaza yesterday, another version has surfaced.

So let’s summarise.

1. Kaum Muslimin.

Cover the hair with loose clothing below and some covering basically everything except the eyes. I think the former is alright while a bit suspicious of the latter who sometimes can be from those radical Muslim sects and dare I say, highly sexed.

2. Dakwah Rock.

Cover the hair only. Tight T-shirts and jeans make up the rest of their clothing. Some even with G-strings peeking out from the back of their hipster jeans. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde comes to mind.

3. Hantu Kum Kum.

An evil spirit that looks like the latter from #1 I think. Can’t seem to find a picture of one. A bit of speech impediment but really good at sucking I heard. Supposedly goes after female virgins and not horny men.

4. Makcik Man.

Chameleon-like bank robber that blends into the surroundings. When in Geylang, wear as the makciks do. Those gloves were probably meant for eating Arnold’s spring chicken after the bank heist.

Hmmm … 4 so far. Could be more soon I think, just saw a blog featuring transvestites wearing tudungs. But amongst all, I still think #2 is the worst one. What’s the point of covering the hair if the push-up bra and G-string are still visible? Bukak semua sudahlahhhhhh …


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen)”

  1. Ah, bukak! Bukaaakkk!!!! Saya sokong!!

    Tu no. 2 wear tudong because they didn’t have time to do their hair properly / forgot to shampoo / got flies in hair.

  2. Ohhh … like when I’m too lazy to comb my hair and just put on a cap?

    I guess these girls just want the right balance … look religious enough yet easily ‘accessible’.

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