Before And After Science (Brian Eno)

Perhaps if not for the waking up late part, we would probably have continued our tour of the Singapore Zoo. Instead, we headed to Science Centre Singapore to let Ooyah have a go at some educational stuff and also their Water Works. It was also an opportunity for me to check out the cafe near the Omni Theatre, Tolido’s, whose rosti Fadelinah has been raving about. I found it quite good actually and am happy to finally be able to get my rosti fix at a nearby location with reasonable prices.

Upon purchasing our tickets, we made our way to a magic show inside the place, that was being promoted. It was suprising that the venue was packed by the time we got there, given the fact that it’s a weekday. Ooyah went right to the front and sat with the rest of the older kids. They seemed to enjoy it but soon enough boredom set in as the magician’s act was getting too lame not only for us adults, but even Ooyah. We left before the show ended and continued browsing the displays.

Maybe it’s just me, but I hardly find the centre fascinating especially when a few of the displays aren’t functioning properly. Halfway through walking the centre’s compounds, we went to the Water Works where Ooyah was allowed to roam free in her Elmo swimsuit. Even this water playground sucks. The one at Marina Barrage is so much better.

By closing time, I felt very sure that I’ll never bring Ooyah back to the Science Centre again. The only way she’ll return is if her school brings her there for an excursion.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 27, 2008.

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