Family Out-ing (Reigning Men)

So we completed Ooyah’s tour of the Singapore Zoo yesterday by letting her have a go at the various attractions within Rainforest Kidzworld and also the short boat ride from one end of the zoo to the other. The former was quite interesting albeit us managing to cover only half of it. The big elephant bucket at Wet Play was addictive for the kids as they waited anxiously beneath for it to be filled and shrieked the moment it tipped over and splashed them in a big way. Ooyah’s facial expression when that happened after waiting cluelessly with them was priceless. Even I had to keep reminding myself that it’s not meant for adults, thereby stopping any intentions of joining in. On hindsight, I couldn’t help but feel that the water at certain areas of the park were a bit too murky though. 😛

The slow boat ride offered a refreshing respite from the zoo’s rather humid surroundings. The route was short but that’s inevitable. It’s just the freaking Seletar Reservoir, not the Straits of Malacca. We enjoyed it and the staff on board were nice.

I do have some qualms about some of the zoo’s latest attractions though. For one, the Kampung House seems weird to be incorporated into the Rainforest Kidzworld. I have no idea what’s attractive about it to the children. The mannequins inside the house look creepy, although Fadelinah seemed to enjoy ‘acting’ with them. Ooyah got to see goats and rabbits at the Petting Corner next to the house, but for animals located inside a zoo, a few rabbits did look rather sickly. Just my observation.

The Wild Animal Carousel allowed Ooyah a few minutes’ worth of ride; not really her thing judging from her bawls after a few rotations, which were rather too fast I think. By then, it was almost closing time and we took the tram ride back to the exit.

And it being Ayah’s birthday, we then headed for dinner at Safra Yishun Country Club‘s Eatzi Steakhouse & Bistro (food standard has dropped since we last patronised it) where we presented him with gifts of everything Braun Buffel that we had bought earlier at noon from the brand’s Suntec City boutique. The night didn’t end there. We then continued our way to the in-house Orchid Bowl where the whole family had a few rounds of denting the bowling alleys with their badly-thrown balls. It was a nice change from our weekly routines but I still hate the thought of putting on those smelly bowling shoes. Soon after that, Fadelinah with her new-found enthusiasm for pool (supposedly taught by her own Ah Soh colleagues), persuaded us to play a game.

Enough said. The whole family sucks at both games. But it was still fun, in a caveman-like manner.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 6, 2008.

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