Mood Food (Alex Cortiz)

Having just returned from Singapore Tatler‘s launch of it’s Singapore Best Restaurants Guide at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa this evening, I have no idea why I have to keep going to all these launches and events. I just design kitchens, why do I have to hang around with these people? It was only 2 nights back that I had to join UKF in attending De Dietrich’s Christmas event at Robertson Quay’s Canele and swear to God I’ll never return to the place again. The food was crap and the desserts weren’t exactly up to notch. Give me the good old Van Houten’s chocolates anytime man … and not some chocolate-fusion crap.

If the event at Canele’s offered me hours of boredom, the one at Amara Sanctuary was quite a spectacle. Never have I seen so many of Singapore’s beautiful people congregate in one venue. With some arriving in Lamborghinis and Maseratis, the ones in their Beemers definitely took back seats. Men and women dressed to the nines, it was like a guessing game of the who’s who. There were a few I recognised, while most I was totally clueless about.

No pictures taken at this particular event as I wasn’t about to be the only one looking like a suaku snapping away with his camera. But for a major event highlighting Singapore’s best restaurants, the fact that the guests dressed in their best had to queue for their drinks and food was somewhat crappy. I don’t like to queue for stuff. Period. Have some waiters come along with the food … at least it’ll be more classy, and convenient.

The MC went on stage and announced the winners before eventually being drowned by the hungry crowd as they tasted almost every single food prepared by the well-known restaurant booths surrounding the venue, and it stayed that way till the end of the event. A plateful from Michelangelo’s served by the owner and staff themselves and I was full, no need to try out the rest. The free flow of drinks also proved detrimental to a few people.

So in between Herman and I taking our smoke breaks and my discussing with my colleagues on our upcoming company’s retreat, we watched as one after another the beautiful people left the venue, before finally making do with our door gifts of a couple of Movenpick’s ice creams and the much-touted restaurant guide.

At least I came away with something Le Cirque De Voyages can refer to for their upcoming dinners. By the way, that new Supperclub sure look intriguing.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 12, 2008.

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