Dimensions And Extensions (Sam Rivers)

I must say I’ve been looking forward to seeing just how much Jurong Point has expanded, following the major construction works next to its old location the past 2 years, for The Centris condominium and air-conditioned bus interchange. The last 2 have yet to be completed but the shopping venue has.  I’ve dreaded going past the old Jurong Point to and from work every day due to the high human traffic, especially on Sunday when the place transforms itself into Mustafa Centre. Queueing up inside any fast food restaurant or NTUC during that day can be a real bitch. It’s even worse buying groceries ever since NTUC removed its American-themed Liberty Market from the shopping centre a few years ago. Nonetheless, Jurong Point seems like a gold mine for any upstarting business, human traffic is never a problem.

Some shops have started opening the past few days inside JP2 and following Fadelinah’s glowing feedback on it, I decided to recce this morning before heading off to work. That is one BIG shopping centre given its non-central location. I had wished for either Giant or Carrefour to open a branch there just for groceries-shopping convenience sake but that didn’t happen. What I did see was Fairprice Xtra located on the second floor, a 24 hours hypermarket that looked as big as Giant and Carrefour from the outside. Didn’t get to go in as it’s not yet opened. The lion dance troupe on holiday I think.

Food-wise, there were quite a few new additions but pray tell why of all Halal eateries, Fig & Olive is the one allowed to open an outlet there? I sure hope they don’t serve the same crappy food that they do at their other branches. Even Starbucks Coffee have set up shop, something Fadelinah has always longed for, instead of the existing Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and McCafe. I couldn’t care less since I’m not a big fan of such coffee chains, although I do welcome the fact that Old Town White Coffee has opened shop in the new extension. The old type of coffee still taste better and without the stupid tall, grande and venti jargons. I just want my coffee in a large cup lah, don’t try to intimidate me with your freaking lingos while dressed like Mrs Fields. Nabeyyy!!!

And talking about old school … I saw a freaking Lee boutique lah. Not some Ah Pek selling white and blue striped pyjamas, but the Lee jeans. I wonder if there’s also a Lois jeans boutique tucked somewehere inside the shopping centre. Hhmmm …

One shop that’s really a genius of an idea in JP2 is The Icing Room, an open-concept bakery where one gets to literally customise a cake by hand before handing it over to the staff for packaging. I could see how focused the kids were as they tried their best to decorate the cakes. Ooyah and I will definitely get one soon for Fadelinah’s birthday.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dimensions And Extensions (Sam Rivers)”

  1. Is that the Christmas crowd? Or is that an everyday crowd?

  2. That’s on the soft opening day. And knowing Jurong Point, it’ll stay that way for years to come. I hate this area.

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