The Color Of Success (Morris Day)

Frankly, I had no idea who the people flashed on the screen were but was there simply because the boss had arranged last-minute for us to attend together with a group of eager beavers, who seemed mesmerised by the credentials of these people. Master in yada yada yada … Youngest millionaire in yada yada yada … You get the gist.

What was supposedly a 3-hour session started with one of them coming from behind us and was all gung ho as he went about describing the initial failures and eventual successes of people who have attended his company’s courses. If not for the Asian features, I swear I thought he was Anthony Robbins. We were also asked to do things like introduce ourselves to 3 complete strangers in the seminar, do body movements as shown by him and write down ’emotions’ when in various circumstances. Typical things in the agenda whenever one attends these so-called seminars and I did as told just for the sake of giving face, but I really hate it when they ask questions and expect you to raise your hands as a form of participation. It fucking reminds me of school.

But you were right about one thing Stuart. It is a waste of time if one attends your seminar due to being told to by one’s company. It must be on one’s own accord to fully appreciate and gather as much information from your courses. Only then would it be beneficial to both sides.

Perhaps it was that woman’s face on the screen who was walking on the balancing log that kind of pissed me off with her overzealous belief in your company. Or maybe it was the fact that the seminar ended an hour before scheduled while you paraded the numerous books and audio visuals, available to the ‘lucky’ participants who were were willing to sign up only on that night. All available at a specially discounted price of $2200, with zero percent credit card installments available for those less well off.

I guess that’s one way for one to become a millionaire.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 9, 2009.

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