Wrong Number (The Cure)

Obviously I took down the wrong number to Ooyah’s teacher, Ms Zai. A couple of SMS exchanged this morning.

Me: Morning Ms Zai, Aurelia Sarah is having runny nose so she won’t be coming in till she gets better.

Stranger: I don’t know Aurelia. But I know Aurelio. He play for Liverpool and I support Liverpool. 🙂

Me: Sorry wrong number. You’ll always walk alone … even this year. 😛

Stranger: You must be a Man U fan or a Chelsea jumpwagon. Haha. Take care at work.

Me: Nah. Arsenal. Never mind … we both walk alone this year. Thanks.

The bottomline is Arsenal was not named … at least he respects quality and I’m man enough to admit it.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wrong Number (The Cure)”

  1. hehe – that’s funny. Some people just want to make more friends – that’s probably what the stranger was doing!

  2. Well … at least not all Liverfool fans are pain in the asses. 😛

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