B-2 Unit (Ryuichi Sakamoto)

I never really believed there was a titanium kitchen out there anyway, even though one prospect from Kuala Lumpur kept insisting Bulthaup did carry a model using the element. A titanium-clad kitchen system? That would be pushing it a tad too much wouldn’t it? And the price would be astronomical, not to mention the already high prices of the current exclusive kitchen brands. The fact is it’s just aluminium polished just enough to look like titanium. I’ll leave that to another post when I do actually see it live.

Bulthaup’s B2 model does look unique though, in a Lego-like manner, with the possibility of splitting the workbench apart and inserting different modules to achieve a different set of functions. Very useful when the kitchen is moved to different homes through the years. It’s actually based on the common carpenter’s workbench and look the part backed by the accompanying kitchen tool cabinet. The main idea behind the B2 is for the user to be satisfied with the accessories already provided and not get more leading to a cluttered kitchen. An aluminium fabric pipe below the workbench hides whatever services pipes supporting the wokbench’s facilities. Neat recesses at both ends allow for utensils and accessories to be hunged with power sockets popping out from below only when needed. Minimalism at its best … one of the reasons why I have always been a fan of the Bulthaup line. Whether it’s suitable for the typical customers’ use is another matter.

As with Poggenpohl’s Porsche Design P’7340 model, the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator are integrated into a compact tall unit. So it’ll be safe to say that future owners of these 2 models should refrain from incorporating giant Sub-Zeros and GE Monograms into the whole kitchen design configuration, or risk spoiling the whole intended look.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “B-2 Unit (Ryuichi Sakamoto)”

  1. BC: would love to have this for my kitchen. Dont think will ever leave the kitchen too!

  2. Nice to see you here again Hanie.

    Yeah … I would want one too … tapi itu belacan, cencalok semua nak campak mana eh? Would probably have to eat cereals everyday to make sure it stays neat and tidy. πŸ˜›

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