Winner Loser (Titan Force)

The American Idol fever is back again and after the circus-like auditions, they’re now into selecting the top 12 with a few wild cards thrown in. I do like watching the preliminary elimination rounds but tend to lose interest once things get serious. Like most, I’m betting my bottom dollar on Danny Gokey winning it this time around based on his past few performances. Anyway, even if the guy doesn’t win, he’ll probably have a singing career mapped out for him by a famous producer out there the moment the competition ends. Just like Jennifer Hudson … not that I think she’s great or anything like that.

And as usual … I’ll lose even more interest since they all tend to sound the same the moment their albums join those of the other established singers.

It was a pity that Emily Wynne-Hughes faltered during the second stage. She was the one who really caught my eyes. Colourful-hairdo and tattoos aside, she really has the potential to go the way of Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson of Heart, provided she gets her act together. The girl was rumoured to have been booted out of American Idol for her DUI arrest a few months before the competition.

On that note, good riddance to J.D. Fortune.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Winner Loser (Titan Force)”

  1. Danny Gokey is ridiculously talented; i would put my money on him to win the whole thing

  2. That my friend … is a fact! 🙂

    He will win it or I’ll stop watching American Idol altogether.

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