Eat ‘Em and Smile (David Lee Roth)

New eateries have been introduced inside JP2 while the whole residential cum retail project is nearing completion. Feast, the third food court between the old and new wings combined and supposedly the higher end version, surprised me by including a few Halal joints. I was beginning to think that JP2 was getting a little too Cina with the numerous tacky clothes shops and more non-Halal restaurants lining the sides. So for the past week, we have been checking 3 of them out. Java Village, Anjappar Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant and Sakura Halal Chinese Cuisine.

The first one serves average-tasting Indonesian food and their Ayam Penyet definitely can’t compare to the other places. As I told Fadelinah, it was probably the first and last time we would be there. Perhaps I was insulted when served Teh Sosro in a packet instead of in a bottle. It did state Teh Botol in the menu. It’s the little things that can sometime make or break a restaurant’s image. No pictures taken … just couldn’t be bothered.

Anjappar actually serves pretty decent Indian food and we enjoyed our thosai and briyani dam, albeit the slightly higher prices as compared to those you can get along Serangoon Road. I couldn’t tell whether the waiter attending to us was being friendly or pushy, but he did help me out when I asked for the actual name of the minted cumin seeds in front of the cashier. And for that, we will return.

The last one, Sakura, is what I had always wanted JP2 to have. Funny how I was in Java Village looking at my pathetic Ayam Penyet and secretly wishing either Sakura or Magic Wok would set up a branch in JP2 and not realised that we had walked past Sakura earlier. It’s actually the first shop on the left side of the entrance. I didn’t notice any signboard so that’s probably why. To-date, we’ve been there twice and recently had their promotions of set lunches and fish head curry. For $5.80, you get to choose from one of their popular main dishes, together with a drink and dessert. Definitely cheap and did I mention that the fish head curry costs just $10.80? I’m not referring to teenie weenie fish heads here but quite a big one served in a big claypot, enough to serve 4 I think. Although taste-wise, we think Seri Laut still reigns, it sure beats eating at Fig & Olive. Enough said … I’m going to be a regular there every week.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 26, 2009.

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