One Last Time (Lewis Grizzard)

Like finally set free from a disease and about time too.

Count on them to call me back at the most inappropriate time, just like when they called me back a few days after Ooyah’s birth … this time around on my birthday. So it seems a case filled with a Hamilton watch and a few tacky medals are the rewards for my serving my NS to its full mandatory 7 high-key, albeit completing it way behind schedule; my original unit completed theirs a few years ago.

And no … I did not go down to the stage to join a few hapless beings when my name was called out. I already knew what was coming. So you let them blow the flames of the candles of the birthday cake as the whole battalion sang them a birthday song by force, then let them cut it and swiftly asked them to return to their seats, without eating the cake. Typical.

I did go down earlier to collect the elusive MR certificate from the CO and could only muster what felt like a smile. Perhaps the CO’s question when I shook his hand dumbfounded me. “What company are you from?”. What the fuck? Didn’t the MC announced it earlier? I expected him to say something like “Congratulations! You will be fucking off from here pretty soon and no son of a bitch will be able to call you back to camp to do meaningless stuff anymore.”. I guess he only wanted the audience to see his lips moving.

I smoked and slept throughout the 8 days and actually managed to finish reading a book after like 25 years. I also let some mosquitoes have their last taste of my blood when forced to join the rest inside the Pasir Laba area for the live firing exercise. Apart from that, it got kind of melancholic a few days before I left the camp for good. Being treated like slaves by the PTIs who eventually turned me from a couch potato into the fittest in the company, sleeping inside a drain and eating instant noodle on top of a grave, resorting to drinking from a murky puddle due to extreme thirst while climbing a mountain in Brunei, and last but not least, throwing all homophobic ideas out the window by clinging to smelly mates while stuck inside the 3-tonner during a typhoon in Taiwan.

Good riddance is all I can say. My own self from the army … and the army from me.


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 21, 2009.

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