The Return Of The Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai)

Why is it that a city with mostly dirty streets and reeking of pollution be it in the air or water attract me so much? No doubt it’s my second time in Jakarta in less than 6 months yet I didn’t realise how much I miss the place till the plane landed at Changi Airport, and I stepped out only to see the typical Singaporean faces I’ve grown so accustomed to seeing daily, in this all too clean and structured environment. I had actually hoped upon seeing the heavy haze over Jakarta earlier in the morning from my hotel room, that it would be bad enough for Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to stop all flights. If only there was somebody else in the showroom the following day, so that I need not come back early and refuse my client’s offer to extend another night. Jamiroquai was after all performing the same night I left Jakarta. What rotten timing. The only thing that helped raise my spirits was when I saw my own family members’ faces peering from behind the glass panel of the arrival hall, especially Ooyah laughing happily upon seeing me.

To say that I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 day stay in Jakarta is an understatement, especially the company of my client and his ever-friendly acquaintances. An even greater selection of food this time around too, as I got to taste ranging from fish head curry infused with marijuana leaves in a restaurant to ‘Sup Kaki Sapi’ at a famous roadside stall. Loads of stuff I would never get the opportunity to eat in Singapore. Accommodation at Orchardz Hotel was livelier as compared to its neighbour that we stayed in previously, Sheraton Media Hotel And Towers. I may have been deprived of Jamiroquai, but I did get loads of Indonesian music jammed into my eardrums, so much so that I actually grabbed a CD by one of the bands on the last day. That coupled with loads of nicotine … perfect.

No personal midnight exploration of the darker side of Jakarta by bajaj this time, but a short taxi ride in the afternoon to the nearby Mangga Dua Square, where I bought a couple of T-shirts since I’ve already ran out of clean ones to wear by the second day. I will definitely avoid taxis other than those from Blue Bird Group in the future after having been taken for a ride literally by the driver of a black taxi who said he was charging by the meter but it was never working to begin with. Paid almost double by the end of the journey … which worked out to errr … about $1. Yeah … chump change but I hate being swindled by such assholes.

So it’ll probably be another 6 months from now that I’ll take a plane to Jakarta again, to install the new kitchen extension to the one just completed. This project sure seems neverending … not that I’m complaining.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 9, 2009.

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