Hot Bread (Pulpo)

Used to be that whenever we found ourselves within the vicinity of Holland Village, our first stop would be Provence Bakery & Cafe, where we would rush over to the counter and ask the staff if their wassants were still available. More than likely we would end up empty-handed if we came later than 1 pm. Their wassants are so good that reservations are usually made over the phone by customers a day in advance.

They basically come in 2 varieties, the chocolate and custard wassants. The former, especially, I can never get tired of and usually eat more than 10 at one go. That’s not to say that they only bake wassants, they do have more confections and breads available for sale but one has a better chance of getting those than the snail-looking wassants. Priced at $6 for a pack of 10, it’s always better to get at least 2 packs since they will disappear quickly the moment you reach home, converting even those who shun such stuff into addicts.

So it was almost God-sent when I saw that they’ve opened up a small take-and-go outlet in front of West Coast Plaza, called Petit Provence. Managed by 2 staff, the wassants tend to be more readily available than the main outlet. We usually make a detour to the place while en route home to grab a few packs these days.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 21, 2009.

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