Maid Of Constant Sorrow (Judy Collins)

I don’t really know why this particular video only started making headlines the past 2 months, although it happened way back in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur and the bitch is now probably out after her 2 years jail sentence. A sentence too light considering the trauma she afflicted on the poor toddler, physically and mentally. TV3’s 360 programme recently featured it and I tried my best to fight back tears looking at the kicks she landed on the totally defenceless little girl while being watched by her equally innocent little sibling on the baby chair. The maid even stepped on her with both legs, enough to damage an adult, let alone a toddler.

Ooyah was by my side when we were watching it and I really feel sorry for the victim’s parents. I sure hope the little girl came out of the ordeal without much damage. 2 years was not enough. It should have at least been a lifetime. Actually, if I was the parent, I’d bring the maid to an isolated location and subject her to a slow and very painful death. There are instances whereby the law doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s just another case that heightens my reluctance towards hiring a maid for our own home. I simply don’t trust maids to take care of my family members. Just looking at the way the maids handle their charges while bringing them to Ooyah’s playgroup is enough for me to never consider hiring one. Even our neighbour’s seemingly docile Indonesian maid recently ran away with her Malaysian boyfriend around 2 am after receiving her pay the day before. Who knows what happened during his clandestine visits.

A helper isn’t of much help when you’re not at peace with what she really does in your own home while you’re away.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Maid Of Constant Sorrow (Judy Collins)”

  1. This animal has to burn and suffer before she dies! This breaks my heart so much.
    That was always my fear too that’s why Elan and I never wanted to hire a maid. I think I’d rather send her to daycare – where the chances of abuse are much lower.

  2. 2 years only. Hardly any justice. People have been jailed longer and received harsher punishments for lesser crimes.

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