Little Trip (Mugison)

Never have I spent less than 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur, but I did this morning. It being a long weekend due to Labour Day, my earlier thoughts of us flying off to a nearby destination was put on hold upon missing out on some good travel offers. Instead, we decided to take up Fadelinah’s colleague’s offer to travel with her daughter and her to Kuala Lumpur to see her husband. So at 4 am Friday morning, we set out on one hell of a car ride with Cikgu Nurul. We reached Kuala Lumpur in less than 3 and a half hours with her fast and at times, stomach-churning driving. The fact that we started early and avoided the usual public holiday traffic jam really helped; going through both customs was a breeze. I think it would have taken much longer if we were to travel by plane, especially with all that waiting at the airport and taxi ride from Sepang.

Upon fetching Cikgu Nurul’s husband near Damansara, we headed to Medan Selera at Jalan Raja Muda Abd. Aziz, where I had one of my food wish list for the trip granted. The good old Malaysian roti canai, with curry, dhal and chilli anchovies. Soon after, we did a short visit to one of Cikgu Nurul’s relatives home before heading to The Ascott Kuala Lumpur where they dropped us off to check in.

A day is hardly enough time for one to try most of the great food in Kuala Lumpur. No going back to The Curve, Bangsar or Kajang. Just quick visits to eateries nearby Bukit Bintang. We returned to Tony Roma’s at The Pavilion for their full rack, where Fadelinah and I both agreed after the meal that it would probably be our last time there. We’ve had our fill of the place. That was followed by a short taxi ride to Berjaya Times Square, where we just had to sample a few of Krispy Kreme‘s donut offerings. They’ve recently opened there on 26th April, where there was a really long queue and the first customer actually received a free one-year supply of their donuts. Another branch will be opened at The Pavilion in a few months time. Krispy Kreme donuts are supposedly the best but it was far from it based on what we tasted. The only one that I liked was Glazed Cruller. As much as I hate to admit it, J. Co Donuts & Coffee’s are better. Luckily we ordered just 6 to sample, and to think that we had actually wanted to order 3 dozens to bring back to Singapore.

By then, we were getting tired and returned to our hotel to enjoy whatever’s left of the night, like enjoying the view of Kuala Lumpur’s night cityscapes from the 22nd floor Sky Lounge before returning to our 32nd floor apartment to watch a movie. The rather limited yet tasty breakfast at Sky Lounge the next morning was followed by our usual dips in the swimming pool, before heading to Madam Kwan’s in KLCC for lunch. Definitely a place not worth the hype. 2 hours later, we were back inside Cikgu Nurul’s car heading home.

A day is just not enough.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Little Trip (Mugison)”

  1. Even my head is spinning just reading about your super-quick trip – but there can never be a better time to have a short getaway from CHIN-CHIA-PORE right?
    We, here in Boise, are still waiting for you 3!!! The guest room is even all set up – come on and get your act together lah 🙂

  2. Oklah, we hear ya. I’ll check out the flight details for the next few months, although more likely we’ll head there when these Oink Oink Flu has died down.

    The Cinapore government is so serious about the whole thing they’ve just turned the Aloha Resort into a quarantine centre. Don’t know if there’ll be chalet-crazy people claiming to have the flu just to stay in them for a few days.

  3. BC: my Sin trip last week saw that the airport authority has put an officer down the arrival staircase leading to immigration – with a body heat detector. You guys are really serious!!!

    Neways, 2 days is never enough to enjoy KL. What is your other food wish list? For night fare, you can try the Kampung Baru area – nasi lemak, mee soup, bubur nasi I will head there tonite myself.

  4. Don’t play play hor. Our customs are very serious about making sure no H1N1 carrier slips through the gates. They only give leeway to terrorists. 😛

    We’re definitely checking out some of the places you mentioned, especially that seafood place in Bangsar. We seem to forget in giving Kampung Baru a visit everytime we’re there. Must make sure we visit the place the next time. And I’ve heard there’s a really good burger stall in front of one of the 7-Eleven store in Ampang. Hhmmm …

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