The New House (The Bliss)

The Teban Posse finally made a downpayment on a cluster house in Johor last Sunday. It’s been more than a month of searching for the right unit and we almost confirmed one in Setia Eco Gardens the previous week, but decided to wait a while longer upon receiving a tip-off from a reliable source.

Frankly, I’m not easily convinced when anybody mentions that houses in Johor are worthy investments; Kuala Lumpur has always been my target. But having seen this particular mixed golf residential development, it made little sense not to buy a unit there, given its location right inside the Iskandar Development Region and handled by an established developer. Famous designers were also engaged to supply their talents for the project. When I realised that Argentinean architect Ernesto Bedmar of Bedmar & Shi was commissioned to design the clubhouse, I immediately knew the likely design criterias the developer had in mind. Add to that an 18-hole international championship golf course blended into the residences, designed by renowned Australian golf course architect Ross Watson. This is definitely not the typical run-of-the-mill residential developments that have sprouted all over Johor the past few years, where the values plummet soon after and eventually leave the residents in limbo due to unreliable managements and safety issues.

We changed from our originally intended purchase of a link house to a cluster one, since the latter is much sought-after and doesn’t have the ‘terrace house’ feel of the former. The estimated completion date of our unit is August 2010, that leaves us with more time to design the interior and landscape and also for a few to pick up some ‘skills’. Having seen some of the showroom units, a few ideas have cropped up. For one, an island kitchen seems probable, done ‘Arclinea’ style by yours truly. The only issue would be transforming the garden area bigger visually with the right landscape, a trade-off against the link house. A designated spot for a big BBQ grill is also a must.

Our weekend home away from Singapore. Excited are we.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “The New House (The Bliss)”

  1. Awesome, man! I’m sure it’ll be fantastic for the family.

  2. Hopefully so and a good enough reason for me pick up the game.

    Harimau Kayu lai lohhh!

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