Clubhouse (Dexter Gordon)

We finally managed to check out Safra’s new clubhouse at Jurong West last Wednesday, after more than a week of its official opening.  Funny how I’ve always shunned going to any of the Safra clubhouses before, yet find them worth visiting now upon being released from the army for good.

The main thing while we were there was to check out the facilities for Ooyah to enjoy, like the large indoor playground, children’s gymnasium and the swimming pool. She didn’t like the indoor playground that much due to the loud sound emitted by a feature in the playground and the kids gymnasium was meant more for kids 3 years and above. So she’ll probably be enrolled there when she reaches 3. The swimming pool was alright but I think the one at CSC Bukit Batok is much better. At 1.8 metre at the deepest end, Safra Jurong’s swimming pool is really meant for swimmers and not one to carry a toddler into. The children’s swimming pool is quite decent though with its interactive water elements.

A few restaurants and cafes are also located within the premises, like the Halal version of Han’s, aptly called Hanis. We have yet to check out the rest.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 14, 2009.

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