On The Road Again (Canned Heat)

Our Langkawi trip for this June was postponed as some didn’t feel too comfortable with the spread of the H1N1 virus on board some flights. So Bon Ton it’s not. Instead we settled for a road trip through 3 states in Malaysia; Pahang, Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur, after knowing that the resort we wanted to go to in Pulau Redang was fully-booked during that period.

I chose Impiana Resort Cherating as our first accommodation as it’s located right smack between the Pahang and Terengganu border. The 2 rooms booked were large with their own living rooms. The resort probably has seen better days judging by the condition of the surrounding facilities. The beach was fine and conducive for swimming although we didn’t even go in as most of the time was spent binging on the local food and shopping. The swimming pool is definitely not worth soaking in. It may look inviting from afar with a waterfall in the middle of it, until on close inspection you realise that the water’s falling from the murky pond near the main entrance. Needless to say I didn’t see a single guest dumb enough to dive in. The resort’s staff service was not that great to start with when we had our lunch there upon arrival, but the surprise call from the female manager an hour later did help to sooth some nerves. The Indonesian hospitality is still tops.

It was actually my second time in Cherating and hoping to see the beautiful sunrise in front of the coast yet again, it was disappointing that it didn’t turn out as nice while sitting alone by the beach with a cigarette in hand at the break of dawn.

It being a road trip, most of our stops for food were along the roadside stalls between Pahang and Terengganu. The Ikan Bakar at Restoran Sri Gelombang had a delicious ‘Asam Pedas’ twist to the usual ones we get in Singapore. That coupled with the fresh lemang, keropok losong and durians definitely delayed our arrival in Kuala Lumpur on the third day. It was interesting how one knows which state one’s in based on the trucks that rolled by the windscreen. The ones in Pahang were carrying big logs and those in Terengganu carrying oil. And Terengganu seems like such a clean and developed state as compared to most other Malaysian states, barring Kuala Lumpur. We also saw a few Orang Asli along the road through Pahang. I would love the chance to discover their lives even deeper.

I’ve booked Crown Regency Serviced Suites a couple of times over the years but have always opted for another place of accommodation and given it a miss at the last minute. This time around it materialised since credit card bookings cannot be dumped as easily as verbal bookings. A reasonably-priced 3 bedroom suite comfortable for 7 of us, but I find the lighting inside the bathrooms rather lacking resulting in a gloomy feel as compared to other places we’ve stayed in. The parking area is also a nightmare and does not tally with the image the place is trying to portray. Great location for clubbing though. Too bad I arrived a decade too late.

The usual restaurant and cafe hopping around Pavilion and The Curve occured during our stay. We regretted not having check out the Kampong Baru area the previous evening though, as it looked interesting. A quick lunch at Shazana Pau Shop & Cafe and we returned to The Curve to shop for some things  at Debenhams that we missed earlier before heading back to Singapore.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 21, 2009.

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