Tales From The Beach (Incognito)

A little picnic by the sun decks in front of Club Islander. A few dips inside the sea for a father and his daughter. A couple of shots by 2 shutterbugs. A quick dinner at Vivocity before returning home.

Everything happened except the last. Perhaps Michael Jackson’s death earlier in the day had made these fans of his lose their marbles and dump the original day’s itinerary, heading to Marina Mandarin instead to drown their sorrows while listening to Michael Jackson in the car. So we rushed through the entire Marina Square floors to buy our takeaway food and return to our rooms to watch the Michael Jackson tribute on Star World that never materialised.

The continuous coverage of the King of Pop on almost all cable channels was enough to set somebody to tears late in the night. Not me. Somebody.

An enjoyable yet sombre day. A monthly thing perhaps for Le Cirque De Voyages?

~ by blackcadillac73 on June 27, 2009.

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