Honey Bee (Zee Avi)

Malaysia Boleh!

Now this is real talent. Not one of those ‘I-went-to-London-to-record-an-album-at-my-own-expense-so-my-countrymen-will-think-I-have-talent-and-am-very-famous-worldwide’.

More please …


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Honey Bee (Zee Avi)”

  1. Put her ‘Kantoi’ song up lah. That one is cute.

  2. Ello … pagi2 masuk kerja check blog2 orang eh? Head of Department apa ni?

  3. She is pretty amazing – I like this type of music – a sort of Norah Jones voice? I love it!

  4. One of those discovered through the great old Youtube by Jack Johnson’s company. Doing very well indeed and currently touring U.S. Her song was also featured in Private Practice’s second finale. Not bad … not bad at all.

  5. I’m sold! I’m getting addicted to her songs on YouTube – so i’ve decided to go for her concert – she’s performing here in Boise on the 17th of August! Yeah 🙂 – I’m just deciding who to go with – thanks for introducing her music to me 🙂 – It haunts me….

  6. Lucky you. Make sure to take some pictures. And for goodness sake, buy that new camera you’ve been wanting to lah.

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