House Construction Ahead (Mariah Levine)

Based on the miniscule floor plans available on the developer’s website, I built up the new house visually from the foundation up to the roof so as to get a better feel of its potential, interior and exterior wise. The exterior view needs some touching up but at least the form is there.

Still wondering how to tackle the issue pertaining to the ugly concrete drains along the house. Perhaps timber works going over them with allowances for drainage? Astro turfing very likely to replace the ones they’ll be providing. And definitely this to take the helm of the entire outdoor area.

And to realise the dream of having an island kitchen, a good size one with ample space for food preparation and cooking, the utility room on the first storey will have to go. Should check with the developer whether it’s possible for them not to build one in our unit before handing over. I can almost see the bustlling of activities in both the dry and wet kitchens; the dirty works in the latter. An LCD television will also be incorporated into the dry kitchen.

This is going to be one contemporary-designed house if I have my way, provided the rest don’t push for their English-style decor. That’s so passe.

~ by blackcadillac73 on July 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “House Construction Ahead (Mariah Levine)”

  1. Is that guy beside the lamborghini supposed to be you?

  2. Yeah. The house comes with 2 complimentary red lamborghinis … from Maestro.

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