Three (Sugarbabes)

Our darling daughter turned 3 yesterday and to commemorate the event, we had just a simple dinner at The Central’s Manhattan Fish Market before heading home for a small birthday party with family members. It’s a pity that her birthday always fall during the fasting month for the past 3 years so a birthday bash with friends and relatives were never planned. But still, the age of 3 is quite a big thing when it comes to toddlers, when they appreciate the company of their own little friends more and understand better the concept of a birthday party. She’s been harping about her own birthday, especially after she’s been to those of her cousins. The usual suspects, Elmo, Noddy, Thomas (or as she pronounced it Tore-nurse), feature regularly in her little conversations with us when it came to her birthday party.

So we will probably have one for her. Not this month for sure, but belated in November.

I guess when it comes to organising one, the venue plays a big part. Still looking around for a suitable location. Could be just a chalet as what we’ve been to for a couple of her cousins’ birthdays or a room big enough for fifty people perhaps. Frankly, I would prefer an outdoor park for the kids to just run around. We’ll see.

On a personal note, it’s been almost a month since my last update on this blog. Just one of those things I guess like what most bloggers go through, when the desire to jot down one’s personal statements on this virtual platform is no longer there. Blame it on Facebook and Twitter.

Short of saying I’m quitting for good, I’ll just keep things at random mode for now. Just a virtual diary to return to whenever something significant, at least I think so, pops up. Besides, a few posts on this blog of mine have proved very crucial when trying to recall the dates of certain happenings, for arguments’ sake with incompetent government board officers. Like when somebody lost her passport, not for the first time, nor the second, but the third time.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 13, 2009.

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