Driven (Road Trip)

The Chinese New Year holidays is my least favourite time of the year for the sheer fact that I have too many days off with hardly any decent place to go. The flight and hotel rates sky-rocket weeks before the period and as always, a road trip is inevitable … meaning anywhere in Malaysia reachable within 8 hours or less. We decided for the closest one this year, just a bridge across to Johor; a night’s stay at Thistle Johor Baru and a detour to Desaru the next day before heading home. This was also to be Leonilyn’s, our new maid, first holiday trip with the family.

It was a pleasant surprise to be joined by Cik Nor and family at the last minute … literally. We were already on our way out when Ibu received a call from Mak Jang asking if we were planning to go anywhere that day, as they couldn’t think of a place. A quick call to the hotel and 2 additional rooms were booked for them. The former Hyatt Saujana has been revamped quite nicely by the British company and the white, grey and deep purple colour combination lent a very contemporary touch to the rooms. I would rate it the best hotel to stay in Johor currently, given the reasonable room rates and stylish decor. Definitely better than splurging on the local ones.

We also took the opportunity to check on the progress of the construction works at our purchased unit in Horizon Hills. Definitely on track and seems ahead of schedule based on the targeted October hand over. Can’t wait to design the interior of that place, as well as the replacement unit in Teban Vista in 2 years time, following the en-bloc takeover of our current unit. As always, we dropped by the clubhouse and showed Cik Nor’s family around the place.

Following a quick dip in the pool for the kids the next morning, we headed for Desaru. As if the 3-hour traffic jam at the Second Link the previous day wasn’t bad enough, we had to endure a never ending one while making our way to the popular beach destination for many Singaporeans and locals alike. I was really half-hearted about Desaru as I’ve been for years about that place. If not for a few in the family who seemed enthusiastic about going there, I would rather we travelled further up north to Kuala Lumpur and pig out. Always expected it to be similar to Singapore’s East Coast, and when we finally reached the stretch of beach, I was somewhat right. Saved for a cleaner stretch compared to those in Singapore and bigger waves, the rest were unremarkable. I was already thinking about the impending traffic jam returning to Singapore while Ooyah and Nini tried building a sand castle.

Desaru, you’ll never see my face again. That’s for sure.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 16, 2010.

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