Water From The Wells Of Home (Johnny Cash)

When you basically have just the typical Wednesday per week and the first Sunday off for every month, being able to escape work even for just 3 days is a luxury. This year just happens to have a few public holidays fall close to the first Sundays and in typical fashion, I slot my annual leaves in between to make the minimum 3 days. While planning for the trip to Japan this year, the shorter trips to different parts of Malaysia suffice to keep me sane from the drudgery working environment.

It’s been more than 4 years since our trip to Port Dickson with Jarrod and Geetha. We stayed at Ancasa Allsuites that time and thoroughy enjoyed our trip despite the absence of shopping centres and night entertainments. Since the rest of the family have yet to set foot at the place, I scoured the internet for an accommodation worthy of us spending our money there. Let’s face it, a popular beach destination it may be for the residents of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore alike, the water there does not exactly scream ‘dream resort’ and seems perennially at low tide and covered with little creepy sea creatures. I definitely remember it being a haven for flies, that appear the moment you’re trying to have a meal at any of the eateries.

The only reason we opted for Port Dickson instead of heading to Malacca or Kuala Lumpur which were safer bets was The Legend International Water Homes, only a few months old and the latest under The Legend Group chain of hotels and resorts. The main difference between this hotel and the popular The Avillion is the fact that the former is the only one to offer a private pool within the room itself, actually I think the only one in Malaysia to offer such a facility. Irregardless whether one stays at the stilted villa above the ocean or one in the main tower, every room comes with its own pool. So what’s the big deal? For one, there’re no prying eyes watching your every move like when you’re using the hotel’s outdoor pool and availability even in the dead of the night. Blame it on the villa we stayed in Phuket for pampering us to such extent.

Needless to say, most of our time was spent within the compounds of the Sky Pool Grand Villa, as there wasn’t much to see within Port Dickson itself. Even when we did go out, it was merely to check out the various food vendors along the main road and those inside the night market. Good food that’s scarce has been worsened further after our experience at Nasreen Songkhla Seafood. This place served us great food 4 years back but not only has service nose dived, the quality of the food as well. The place was packed with more than 30 cars parked around it and people standing around waiting for available tables. Were they, like us, ex-patrons from years ago looking forward to taste the same or merely people better known to have sub-standard taste buds or like what Malays would call ‘Tekak Ular’. The black pepper crabs that we ordered had gone bad and the ‘blur-like-sotong’ waiters have definitely ruled us out from ever going back there again.

Here’s hoping that better eateries appear in Port Dickson soon as we do intend to return … just simply to relax and do nothing much at all.

~ by blackcadillac73 on April 7, 2010.

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