Bali (Wondermints)

Not by choice as it was a company retreat and was free … so who cares.

Got off to a great start though when midway through our KLM flight, we spotted someone familiar who turned out to be the one and only Adam Lambert. He was probably in first class and decided to check on some of his entourage in economy, in which we just happened to sit amongst. Didn’t take him long to spot one Papa-razzi zooming in and clicking away on his DSLR and his immediate reaction was to smile and flash the peace sign. Since it was a hassle to scoot over a few seats to get his autograph, we decided to catch him again after alighting. Even with a black cap to hide his wild hairdo and look like the many other Caucasians around, Fadelinah managed to spot him and we got him to pose for a couple of pictures.

That completed, we embarked on our first venture into Bali, assisted by a tour guide engaged by the company, as we made our way to The Bali Khama, our stay for the next 2 nights. Situated in Tanjung Benoa and away from the touristy areas, it was a nice boutique resort albeit missing better nightlife and shops. Dinner by the beach an hour upon arrival and the Denpasar Moon made its appearance. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Food in Bali is not something to be craving about. Right down from the breakfast we had at the resort to those we had at a few restaurants. We ate with much trepidation since unlike other parts of Indonesia, halal food is not the norm and signboards advertising the popular Babi Guling along the roads didn’t make it any better. Perhaps there are good eateries to have Halal food in Bali but we just didn’t happen to be near one during our trip.

Tanah Lot was in our itinerary for the second day, apart from a couple of visits to some tourist traps. I definitely like this particular place as it offered loads of photographic opportunities. Too bad we didn’t have time to wait out at the place till sunset. We did manage to buy a couple of souvenirs, including some wooden carvings for the house in Horizon Hills. A quick dinner at La Scala in the evening and our second day was done.

We decided to forego more sight-seeings on the final day and just enjoy the facilities in the resort, including a Balinese massage, till it was time for departure in the evening. While a few of us tried out para-sailing, Ooyah was in her element on the beach and in the pool. I really think she enjoyed herself the most out of this trip, having been doted upon by Chea and the rest.

I don’t think we’ll be going back to Bali anytime soon. The Muslim-friendly Lombok and nearby Gili Trawangan islands are my target for our next Indonesian trip.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 8, 2010.

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