Hong Kong Phooey (Sublime)

How does one ruin a nice place with undulating hilly peaks, watery surroundings and modern architecture? By letting irritating tourists from mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea roam free all over the islands. A week may have been a bit too long to spend in Hong Kong, but given it’s an end-of-the-year holiday, I thought it was alright since I didn’t foresee us returning. Having experienced the whole culture there, that’s a certainty.

The whole itinerary was divided into 2 nights in Lantau, 2 nights in Hong Kong Island and the final 3 nights in Kowloon. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, South Pacific Hotel and Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon were our bases respectively. Hong Kong’s version of the Disneyland Resort, even with their latest Toy Story Land attraction, pales in comparison to the Tokyo one we went to last year. Perhaps the many rushing ‘tourists’ that made me want to shove Mickey Mouse figurines up their asses played a part in the underwhelming experience. The local Singaporeans’ kiasuism can’t hold a candle to these idiots. Taking them away from the whole scenario, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and its 2 hotels are still enchanting enough for people new to the whole Disney magic. The Enchanted Garden Restaurant at our hotel was an enjoyable experience for Ooyah as the popular Disney characters dropped by our table for some photo-taking sessions. The maze within the hotel’s compound is also an interesting feature where the children can play hide-and-seek.

It was initially a half-hearted decision to select South Pacific Hotel as our second accommodation due to some less than favourable comments from former guests of the hotel but given its close proximity to some Halal eateries and attractions, I booked it. Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre is just a stone throw away, where Halal dim sum, apart from other dishes, could be had. Singapore’s Razack’s Seafood Kitchen and Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe come to mind, so no need for any bated breath. Any Halal eatery in a foreign land is still God-sent no matter the quality, so regulars we were while within the Wanchai area.

Ocean Park is one place anyone who goes to Hong Kong must visit. It’s definitely much better than Disneyland Resort, offering lots of attractions suitable for both adults and children, be it at the base or on top. And a visit there is not complete without a cable car ride up the steep slopes of the park, offering stunning views of the ocean and cliffs. Nerve-wrecking yet enjoyable. Love it.

Traversing both sides of the Victoria Harbour on Star Ferry was a cheap and enjoyable transportation option, rather than taking the MTR, which we only used once to travel from Disneyland to Hong Kong Island. Around only a couple of HKD, we were treated to stunning views of either sides of the harbour. We went to The Peak twice, the first accidentally all the way up by a double-decker bus and on The Peak Tram the following day. So much for the hype over the tram ride that only provided blurry views of seemingly 45 degrees inclined buildings. The tram was packed and the ride was over within minutes. The bus ride turning corners around cliffs was so much more interesting. We had fun posing with the various ‘stars’ inside Madame Tussauds Hong Kong located within The Peak, especially Ooyah who did an impromptu dance in front of Lady Gaga’s wax figurine, entertaining the many tourists close by. The Peak’s a location worth staying till evening for as one can see Hong Kong lit up in its full glory.

If there’s one lesson I’ve taken from this trip, it’s to avoid destinations frequented by tourists from China, Taiwan and South Korea. The last basically put paid to our intention of visiting their country. No more loud-mouthed people ever again.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 6, 2011.

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  1. Thank you for the blog mention, we look forward to your stay in the near future.

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