Riot On The Gold Coast (Ease The Medic)

We seldom have any problems during holidays when it comes to the flights themselves, be it low cost or full fledged carriers. But trust our own Singapore Airlines’ new budget airlines venture, Scoot, to be the first to actually activate our travel insurance plan. We already heard the news about the screw up for their maiden flight to Sydney, a few days before our own flight to Gold Coast. So it was with much trepidation that we made our way to Changi Airport in the evening of 12th June, hoping that things would be different. Any new airline would have worked harder to make sure of no repeated delays given the reputation at stake, but it seemed the CEO right down to the staff had other ideas. Our flight to Gold Coast itself was perhaps deja vu for the airline crew. Our sickly plane, Barry, had to make a U-turn due to a faulty door. It took roughly more than an hour for them to rectify the problem while we waited in the plane. But that paled in comparison to our return flight which was delayed for six hours because of a computer advisory message that needed investigation and a fuel tank seal that needed replacement. It was bloody Barry yet again.

Yes they put in a lot of effort for the fanfare surrounding their maiden flight to Gold Coast, from the moment we checked in to our arrival at Gold Coast Airport. The Noose’s ‘Pornsak Sukhumvit’ and ‘Barbarella Posh-Beckham’ were on board to entertain the passengers and some complimentary items were given. We even spotted ‘The Voice’ himself, Brian Richmond, who was gentlemanly in his ways, with his son, Mark, who I couldn’t care less about. After touching down, the plane was given a salute of sorts by a couple of of fire engines that doused it with water while it was approaching for disembarkation, as a welcoming sign for new airlines that use the airport. Upon passing through the Australian customs, there were also roving entertainers with some people from the press waiting and Fadelinah was interviewed by one of them.

Meriton Broadbeach was our choice as the base for our stay in Gold Coast. Seeing the expansive beach from our 24th storey balcony was a sight for sore eyes. As usual, we started the first day by just exploring the nearby areas and went to Pacific Fair for some shopping respite and meals. The only bad thing about Autralian shopping centres is the fact that they close early around 5 pm and only open till 9 pm on Thursdays. We headed to Sea World Resort & Water Park the next day and stayed a night since they were having a joint promotion for both accommodation and park tickets that was too hard to resist. The hotel looks very dated, more suited to the days when Farrah Fawcett hairdos were the fad, and kind of set the standard for things to come. Having visited Tokyo’s Disneyland and Disneysea, every single theme parks we went to after them no longer seem attractive, even the ones in Singapore are miles ahead of those in Gold Coast. Ooyah had a blast in Sea World though, especially when she had her own personal time interacting with a dolphin.

I guess no trip to Gold Coast is complete without a visit to the famed Surfers Paradise. We were there for their night market and some beach lounging during the day. As our stay at Sea World also covered Movie World, we just had to give a try and after a few hours seeing whatever there was to be seen in that little place, ventured next to Paradise Country, which is just behind it and Wet ‘N’ Wild. It was a toss between Paradise Country and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for some close encounters with the furry kind, and we opted for the former due to its proximity. A sheared sheep and sip of Billy Tea with damper later and we were back at the hotel.

The final day was just spent within Broadbeach, enjoying the food and more playing by the beach. Comforting especially in the chilly weather. If only we had more days to spare. There are actually loads of things that can be done in Gold Coast, like riding hot air balloons and whale watching, but we just couldn’t cover them within 5 days. Really regretted not doing the whale watching part, as there was a reported sighting of a rare species in the news while we were there. Definitely see us returning to Gold Coast in the future, just not with the bloody Scoot airline.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 6, 2012.

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