Osaka (The Kickovers)

Truth be told this trip should not have happened. It seemed like a good idea to book the flight tickets a few months ago due to Jetstar’s promotion but eventually became too close to our main holiday to London and Paris; just a day apart.

We reached Osaka on 23rd November and just did an exploration of Osaka rather than venture out to Kyoto or Nara, which were less than an hour’s train ride, during our full 3 day stay. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka was our base. Osaka is not as tourist-friendly as Tokyo when it comes to directional signs and network maps in English, took longer than usual to figure out things but we somehow managed in the end. We went to Osaka Castle on the first day, which proved to be a nice place to appreciate fall albeit a drizzling weather, surrounded by the yellow and orange leaves of the many trees.

The entire second day at Universal Studios Japan was for Ooyah. I guess the main thing that separates Japanese theme resort attractions from their counterparts would be the parades, held during the day and night. We didn’t see such things at Singapore’s Universal Studios. The cool weather helped reduce tiredness as well.

Our final day coincided with the Osaka Marathon and the front of our hotel just happened to be part of the route. I had fun taking pictures of some of the runners in their quirky outfits, from Doreamon to Ultraman. After that, we headed to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, that just resemble any other aquarium attractions in the world, before taking a ride on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, offering panaromic views of the whole of Osaka. The night before our departure was confined to the Dotonbori area, where we had some food which Osaka is famous for, apart from the typical sushi.

We foresee transitting at Osaka in the future … before heading to Kyoto and Kobe.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 23, 2012.

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